I enjoy teaching and have taught in a variety of settings.

At UH Hilo, I am currently teaching CS 150 (Intro to CS I). I will be teaching a variety of CS and data science courses soon!

At JHU, I was the instructor for EN 500.111 - Intro to Multilingual NLP (Fall 2019, Fall 2020), a new HEART course I designed to introduce freshmen and sophomores to my research area. This class is suitable for students right out of high school, with no background in linguistics, math, or computer science.

I was also the head teaching assistant for EN 601.466/666 - Information Retrieval and Web Agents (Spring 2018, Spring 2019, and Spring 2021).

At UMich, I led several MIDAS workshops for introducing NLP to social scientists. I have also given guest lectures in EECS 486 (Information Retrieval and Web Search) and EECS 487 (Introduction to Natural Language Processing).

Outside of CS, I also have experience teaching piano lessons and Latin.

At JHU, I helped organize North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad events. This is an annual national competition for middle school and high school students, with lots of fun and challenging puzzles! We do outreach to local schools and host a competition every year.